What is the title of the soundtrack?

The title of the soundtrack to the cult classic movie, "Clockwork Orange" is "Original Soundtrack from the Motion Picture Clockwork Orange." Released in 1971, it features music by composer/arranger Bernard Herrmann. The album has been reissued several times and has since become a collector's item.

Who composed the soundtrack?

The soundtrack to the 1971 cult classic, "Clockwork Orange," was composed by Vangelis. The eclectic mix of classical and electronic music has since become a hallmark of his work.

Who performed the music on the soundtrack?

The soundtrack to the film "Clockwork Orange" was composed by John Barry. The album was released in 1971 and features performances by the London Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Malcolm Sargent.

Some of the other performers on the album include: Roy Harper (guitar), Tony Visconti (bass guitar), Mick Ronson (guitar), Noel Redding (drums) and Harry Secombe (tenor saxophone).

What year was the soundtrack released?

The soundtrack was released in 1971.

Where can I find a copy of the soundtrack?

The Clockwork Orange soundtrack can be found on or iTunes.

How many tracks are on the album?

The album has 14 tracks.

What is my favorite song from Clockwork Orange?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as everyone's individual taste will differ. However, some of the most popular songs from the Clockwork Orange soundtrack include "Swinging London" by The Kinks, "God Save the Queen" by The Sex Pistols, and "The Battle of Epping Forest" by The Smiths.

Is there a video of the movie with this particular sound track playing in it on YouTube ?

There is a video of the movie with this particular sound track playing in it on YouTube. It can be found at


The Clockwork Orange soundtrack is a masterpiece that still sounds fresh today. The video below features the song "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, which was inspired by the novel and film of the same name.

10 How would you describe this sound track ?

This sound track is dark, foreboding and suspenseful. It has a very industrial feel to it, with pounding drums and ominous synthesizers. The music is used sparingly, but when it does appear it creates an intense atmosphere that can really set the tone for a scene or situation.

11 Which scene in A Clockwork Orange features this music ?

The scene where Alex is being force-fed through a tube in the stomach while music from the Clockwork Orange soundtrack plays in the background.

12 Does anyone else like this particular musical score / sountrack ?

  1. Do you like the soundtrack to the movie "Clockwork Orange"? If so, why?
  2. What are some of your favorite tracks from the Clockwork Orange soundtrack?
  3. How does the music in the Clockwork Orange soundtrack fit with the overall tone and atmosphere of the film?
  4. Did you know that there is a full album of music from Clockwork Orange available on iTunes? If not, where can you find it online?

13 Why or why not ?

  1. Because the soundtrack to the 1971 cult classic "Clockwork Orange" is one of the most iconic and memorable in cinematic history.
  2. The music was composed by British composer Malcolm McLaren and features a eclectic mix of rock, punk, and classical styles that perfectly capture the dark, dystopian atmosphere of Alex DeLarge's fascist London society.
  3. The songs have been featured in countless popular films and TV shows over the years, including "The Simpsons", "Breaking Bad", "The Office", and more recently "Game of Thrones".

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